The PASTELCollective,Co-Creatorsof Pastel

PASTEL is co-piloted by folks just like you, from all walks of life, all around the country. We believe that if you’re going to put something on your body every day, you deserve to have a say in how it’s made, and what ingredients go into it. Everything from our name, to the products we make, the months of testing and improving formulas, has been

co-piloted by people who actually use them: the PASTEL Collective.

Without our Collective, there would be no PASTEL. For their invaluable openness and support, X8 has committed to giving x% of its profit back to these individuals who continue to make our brands, like PASTEL, possible.

Meet the Faces of Pastel Collective

These fearless members of our PASTEL Collective have shared openly and honestly about their lives, their thoughts, the products they wish existed the ingredients they wish didn’t. Their input has helped guide our brand and product development from the start.

Get to know the Collective Faces of PASTEL.