Delivery and Return Policy

Shipping & Delivery

the delivery fees

Minimum Weight (kg) Maximum Weight (kg) Shipping Fee
0.00   0.03  ฿ 22.00
0.04 0.06 ฿ 27.00
0.07 0.09 ฿ 32.00
0.10 0.9 ฿ 37.00
1 1.9 ฿ 60.00
2 2.9 ฿ 80.00
3 3.9 ฿ 100.00


Every 1 kg add 20 baht.

Refund & Exchange

Q : In which cases can I change/ return/ refund my order?

A : Customers may request to change / return / refund order where terms and conditions are met.

✓required condition

Reason for Change/Return/Refund Condition of Product Condition of Packaging Condition of Product/Accessories/Gifts with Purchase Condition of Price/Product Tags
New/ Unused No Damages Packaging remain closed No missing items i.e. product, packaging, contents inside Gifts received still intact Product Tags not being removed
1. Damages on Packaging  
2. Receive the wrong product/ product
received did not match the one displayed on website
3. Damages/ Malfunctions on Product      
4. Fashion goods received in wrong  size
5. Missing Product Contents    
6. I change my mind*


For Example : For Example: Product you have purchased malfunctioned 3 days after you have been using. You may return that product since it meets the condition number 3 where the product has already been used, packaging already opened. You will, therefore, need to fully return product together with its packaging, content inside, gifts with purchase, with price and manufacturer tags remain in good condition.

*Changing or returning Duty Free products for change of mind is NOT applicable under this policy. Company reserves the right not to proceed with any return requests made AFTER customer has signed for purchased product upon receipt, unless such requests are met with terms and conditions listed above.

Non-exchangeable/Non-Refundable products 

Products in every category  

    Products that have been received for more than 14 days since the day you receive the product. All the products guaranteed by the manufacturer, customers must directly claim them from the manufacturer following their warranty’s policy. Products that their number, tag or code have been removed. The product has any adjustments within the warranty period regarding the product category (14 days) such as the watch has been fixed by the customer, the belt has been cut to adjust the length.